Just as one of our favorite venture capital firms set foot into the VC world with the steadfast belief that they could help CEOs at the crossroads, we entered the advisory world on the same basis.  

Some of the top VCs create synergies between their portfolio companies, and we do likewise with our portfolio of clients, primarily between corporates and startups.

We love asset management, in all shapes and forms.  Alternative and traditional, active and passive - there's room at the table for everyone.  Seated at the head of the table will always be the investor.  What investors want and how they want it can change by the day.  We think there is more to the robo-advisor model than meets the eye.

We love asset servicing.  Bring us your finest global custodians, administrators, prime brokers, outsourcing firms, and all of their software providers.  We think tech will put some good friends in this field on the sidelines sooner than they realize.  Industry consolidation will then trigger the afterburner on this trend.

We love fintech.  We think it streamlines and simplifies.  It makes new things possible and old things better.  But fintech speaks its own language. To realize the value, you need an interpreter. To achieve your ambition, you need connectivity to unexpected customer segments.

Our seat at the nexus of wealth & asset management, fintech and asset servicing gives us a great view.  We see all the trends and all the traffic. On top of all that we do, we share this vantage point with our clients to help them maximize the value of their business relationships.