Adminovate 2018 Interview with Pete Townsend

Pete Townsend penned the below blog post for the Adminovate blog in 2017:

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the funds industry?

I started in the back office of Fidelity Investments in 1995, and finished at the executive level in BNP Paribas in 2016. Sandwiched in between was 6 years in Bermuda servicing hedge funds in a number of roles with Hemisphere Management. So, I spent the better part of 21 years in the funds industry, but I came at it from a few different angles . With Fidelity being a global asset manager, the client we were serving was the investor. With hedge fund servicing, the hedge fund manager is the client, but the investor’s needs can move mountains.

Working with a global banking giant like BNP Paribas, the needs of the investor and the needs of the asset manager were equally balanced, but my adventures took me across the entire buy side. Although what I learned and the relationships I made along the way are invaluable, my last year since setting up Norio Ventures has been the most exhilarating….

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Pete Townsend on stage at Adminovate 2018

Pete Townsend on stage at Adminovate 2018

Pete Townsend